Organic production


Opening up new horizons.

The sustainable economy is growing worldwide. More and more farmers are opting for organic farming, which protects people, countries, and the environment. We are here to support you through our consulting and development services and by assisting with the implementation of organic production projects.

An all-rounder with a holistic vision

Together with certifiers and importers, we have been implementing green projects since 1995, and are intimately acquainted with the international guidelines for organic production. Thanks to our outstanding expertise, well-established contacts, and strong intercultural skills, we can efficiently advance your projects in Latin America and Africa.

Diverse range of projects

Our activities cover a broad spectrum, from organic shrimp production in Ecuador and the associated distribution in the UK or the introduction of organic soy farming at a farm in Argentina to the marketing and distribution of organic beef from Uruguay for suppliers of ALDI Nord. We also supported BIOFACH, the world’s leading organic food trade fair, in an advisory capacity during its internationalization – helping to organize representation for Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile.


We would be happy to open up new avenues for you too. Do you need support?